All bearings are rolling bearings and the shafts are made of alloy steel.
The chains are pressure lubricated.
The drum is grooved. The low-speed & high-speed ends of drum shaft are equipped with a ventilating air tube clutch. The brake rim is water cooled and the surface is medium- frequency induction hardened which provides long service life.
The contours of the sprocket teeth are medium frequency induction hardened. All transmission clutches are of involute spline type.
The drawworks can be equipped with either a band or disc brake system.The auxiliary brake can be equipped with either an eddy brake or an EATON brake.


Range of Drilling Depthφ114mm2500-40003500-50004500-7000
φ114mm Stem
φ127mm Stem
 Rated power KW(hp)735(1000)1100(1500)1470(2000)
Number of motors×rated power  KW(hp)2×438(537)/1×8002×800(1072)2×800(1072)
Limit speed r/min880/970970970
Max.Fastline Pull KN275340485
Dia.Of wire line mm(in)φ32φ35φ38
-1 1/4-1 3/8-1 1/2
Size of Drum Groove(Dia.×Length)  mm(in)φ640×1139φ685×1245φ770×1361
(25 1/4×44 7/8)(27×44 7/8)(30×53 1/2)
 Brake Disc (Dia.×Length)  mm(in)φ1500×76φ1600×76φ1600×76
(59×1 1/2)(63×3)(63×3)
Auxiliary BrakeDS40DS50DS70
Overall Dimension (length×width×height)6600×3716×29906800×4537×29987670×4585×3197