Swivel has two categories, common swivel and double duty swivel. Double duty swivel is common swivel combined with spinner.

WSW’s swivel matches the API SPEC 8C PSL1 products standards. It received the API certification issued by the American Petroleum Institute and allow to use API monogram.

Washpipe packing set assembly adopts cassette structure. It can be exchanged quickly without disassemble rotary hose and gooseneck.
Match 3LP and 4LP internal or external thread hose connection thread.

The company can also manufacture low temperature resistant swivel according to customer’s requirement.

Common swivel consists of swivel bail, shell,support,gooseneck,central pipe ,master bearing,joint other parts. The lower end connected with kelly stem by REG thread. The swivel bail is hang on the hook. Gooseneck and rotary hose can connected by REG thread connection or union connection (Under normal circumstances, the CH125 swivel not welded thread joint, other types of swivel welded 4LP external thread).

水龙头 1264399449.gif

Model Metro/InchSL90/100SL135/150SL160/170
Max.Static Load kN/US tons900/(100)1350/1501600/170
Max.Speed r/min100300
Max.Working Pressure MPa/psi21/300035/5000
Stem Dia. mm/in60/2.36
Connection Tread Stem*41/2FH-LH41/2REG-LH
Overall Dimension (L×W×H)mm1830×540×4202290×650×6402470×790×680
Weight kg/lbs410/900777/17001000/2200

Model Metro/InchSL170/180SL225/250**SL315/350
Max.Static Load kN/US tons1700/1802250/2503150/350
Max.Speed r/min300
Max.Working Pressure MPa/psi35/5000
Stem Dia. mm/in70/2.7675/2.95
Connection Tread Stem41/2REG-LH65/8REG-LH
Overall Dimension (L×W×H)mm2725×840×7852970×990×9803010×1040×980
Weight kg/lbs410/900777/17001000/2200

Model Metro/InchSL450/500

Max.Static Load kN/US tons4500/500

Max.Speed r/min300

Max.Working Pressure MPa/psi35/5000

Stem Dia. mm/in75/2.95

Connection Tread Stem75/8REG-LH


Overall Dimension (L×W×H)mm3040×1110×1095


Weight kg/lbs2700/5950